DRE Processing

Our company provides DRE Processing services for the purpose of obtaining public reports. Within the process we will determine the projects needs, obtain the necessary information needed for the filing and prepare the required forms for obtaining Preliminary, Conditional or Final Public Reports.In handling report filings, we understand your urgency for the project to be accomplished on time. Therefore we ensure our prompt attention and knowledgeable assistance so that your timeframe can be met.

Subdivisions which fall under DRE jurisdiction may not be offered for sale or lease until a preliminary, conditional or final public report is obtained. Public reports are issued only if the proposed subdivision meets the requirements specified in the Subdivided Lands Law.

~Real Estate Commissioner

The Three Types of DRE Public Reports:
Preliminary Public Report (Pink Report)

Allows the subdivider to advertise the project, take reservations with a deposit. No binding contracts may be signed under this report and all neutral escrow deposits are fully refundable.

Conditional Public report (Yellow Report)

Allows the subdivider to enter into binding contracts and open escrows. This report is filed when the subdivider is waiting for an event to take place before the Final Public Report may be issued.

Final Public Report (White Report)

Allows the subdivider to sell or lease the property and to close escrow. The DRE Public Report process generally takes four to five months for common interest developments and two to three months for standard