Getting Started

  • Complete our Request for Proposal Questionnaire
  • Approve our Agreement for DRE Processing (Will be sent with your Proposal)
  • Submit retainer payment (50% of the fee in most cases)
  • Submit the following documents:
    • Final/Tentative Map(s) and Conditions of Approval if applicable (Engineer)
    • Condominium Plan (If applicable can be obtained from the engineer)
    • Updated Preliminary Title Report with DRE notes (Title Company)
    • Authorization to sign for the party that will be signing on behalf of the Partnership, LLC or Corporation. (If the developer is an individual there is no need for an authorization to sign)
Additional Documents needed for your initial filing
  • Sample Deposit Receipt with original signature (Escrow Company or Attorney can prepare)
  • Sample Escrow Instructions with original signature (Escrow Company or Attorney can prepare)
  • Sample Grant Deed, with original signature (Attorney or Title Company can prepare)
  • A Natural Hazard Report for this project, the property tax information must be included in the report.
  • Any outside agreements that affect the project on an on going basis. (Other Associations or local government)
  • CC&R™s, Articles of Incorporation, By Laws and RE616 forms (To be prepared by the Attorney)

Once the Project Information questionnaire is received along with the retainer and the initial documents, we will prepare a Notice of Intention (RE624 III application) and return to you with a list of additional documents that will be needed as well as the appropriate fees for the filing of your initial application package.

Our fee includes the processing of the Public Report(s), cost of shipping and all revisions requested by the Department of Real Estate. Additional Charges may apply if Client/Developer changes the structure of the project (Anything that would cause the application or documentation to be revised and resubmitted) after has been filed with the Department of Real Estate.

Commencement of services will begin upon receiving the retainer, signed agreement, completion of our Project Information questionnaire and any necessary documentation or information requested by Community Development Services (See items 1 through 5). There will not be any additional charges for budget deficiencies and/or revisions required by the Department of Real Estate.