management-servicesThere are now more than 286,000 community associations with fifty-seven million Americans living in association-governed communities. Because you trust us to maintain and protect your investment we commit ourselves to our own educational standards with Certified Community Association Manager (CCAM) certifications.

Community Development Services has the knowledge, experience, and integrity necessary to provide your association with expert management services. If you are looking for a qualified manager to assist you with financial, maintenance, governance, and other important matters, you can be confident that our professional education and commitment can provide you with the level of service you can trust.Our Managers have agreed to principles of professionalism, integrity, diligence and fairness when dealing with clients. We will guide you on issues such as reserves, maintenance, insurance, budgets, governance, contracts, the law, and rules of enforcement. We will provide administrative, operational and managerial counsel to community association boards. We will be responsible for managing budgets and contractors, directing association personnel, and overseeing compliance with association covenants and restrictions. You can have confidence in our knowledge and ability to provide you with professional service that is so vitally needed.

We look forward to speaking with you about how we can help your community.

Our Services


We maintain complete financial records and produce timely reports that your association will need to make sound decisions

General Financial
  • Prepare and distribute the annual fiscal budget for the association
  • Prepare, review, analyze, and distribute monthly financial reports.
  • Maintain the Association™s operating and reserve funds in separate accounts in the name of the Association.
  • Mail coupons/statements for the collection of members™ assessments.
  • Collect and deposit assessments and take follow-up action on all delinquent accounts.
  • Provide liaison with Association™s attorney on any accounts placed in collection.
  • Assist CPA with annual audits, reviews, compilations and taxes.
  • Process and pay all expenses incurred by the Association as provided in the budget or approved by the Board.
  • Make recommendations to the Board on investing surplus and reserve funds


The effective handling of meetings, reports and details is essential for the proper function of the association

  • Attend annual membership and Board of Directors meetings
  • Prepare and distribute meeting notices, agendas, proxies, ballots and other materials needed for membership meetings.
  • Prepare and distribute meeting minutes for Board of Directors meetings.
  • Process Architectural modification requests as outlined by the Board.
  • Prepare information packets (Board packets) for Board members with agenda and related information for Board meetings.
  • Prepare and distribute welcome packages to new property owners to include letter of welcome, annual budget, rules and regulations, Board list, recent newsletters, CDS contact information, and other important association information.


Keeping the members informed helps create a better understanding of the Boards plans and purposes for the community

General Communication
  • Communicate with board members whenever necessary on a timely basis
  • Respond to homeowners on a timely basis regarding their questions and issues.
  • Provide central communication source for the Board, homeowners, contractors, suppliers, tenants, and developer™s agents.
  • Present management report to Board of Directors.
  • Attend committee meetings, as requested.
  • Prepare and distribute newsletters
  • Design and provide access to community websites


The continued ongoing care of a community is essential for maintaining and enhancing property values

General Maintenance
  • Develop, supervise, and follow-up on all vendor work requests.
  • Inspect the common elements and provide for maintenance according to Association standards.
  • Develop and administer a preventative maintenance program with assistance from the Board.
  • Establish daily, monthly and seasonal maintenance schedules.
  • Develop and administer a capital repair, replacement and improvement program with assistance from the Board.
  • Develop specifications where appropriate.
  • Assist the Board in securing qualified contractors.
  • Solicit bids for routine maintenance, capital repairs, and unforeseen repairs.
  • Review bids and proposals with Board members.
  • Schedule work after contractor is chosen by Board.
  • Prepare and maintain written Work Orders for accurate histories of maintenance and repairs.
  • Work with Association™s attorney on preparation of contracts for major work.
  • Supervise contractors chosen by the Board.
  • Oversee contracted services and special contracted projects for compliance with contracts.
  • Inspect completed jobs for final approval and report to the Board before payout of funds for repairs, maintenance and special contracted services.