Association Budgets

Our expertise is in preparing Homeowner Association Budgets that not only meet Department of Real Estate (DRE) Guidelines, but also insure a successful well funded community. Within the HOA Budget we address all common areas, to break down the operating expenses and calculate the expenses for the long term function of the project. 

Once your Budget is finalized you will receive a DRE Budget Worksheet (Form RE623) showing operating expenses and long term reserves. The DRE budget will also include (Form RE624A) which defines the common area. We will submit the required budget worksheet to the necessary parties upon completion.

association budget process


Complete our Association Budget Questionnaire form

We will send you our Questionnaire form for Association Budgets or you may download it on the Forms page of this website. 

Approve our Agreement for DRE Processing

 Will be sent with your proposal.  

Submit retainer payment

  50% of the fee will be required in most cases. 

Submit the following documents:

  • Final/Tentative Map(s) and information relating to the maps.
  • Site Plan showing the location and areas of all improvements.
  • Architectural Drawings covering all structures maintained by the Association.
  • One set of Landscape Drawings of all properties to be maintained by the Association.
  • One set of Declarations of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R™s), Articles and Bylaws. (when they are available, draft copies are acceptable)
  • Any special conditions or agreements with the city, county or other associations.
  • Estimated installed costs and the start and completion dates of each common area item.
  • If this is a phased project, you will need to provide a phasing schedule that includes the lot/unit numbers, common lot numbers and common area to be added to each phase.


Review 1st draft - You will receive your first draft for review within 7 to 10 Business Days in most cases.  There will NOT be any additional charges for normal revisions while in Draft Stage. 


Approval of Association Budgets – If there are no additional changes, the HOA budget or DRE Budget can be finalized in 7 to 10 business days in most cases, from the date the client/subdivider approves the budget.